Smoke-Free Texas Bill is Dead

We were sad to hear that the Smoke-Free Texas bill has been put to rest.  We hope that maybe next session this issue will come up again as a result of other states becoming smoke-free, and we can give it a go. We applaud agencies like the American Cancer Society and so many countless volunteers who worked tirelessly to get this bill passed. Tell us what you think.

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Congratulations Lufkin Police Department!


  The Lufkin Police Department received the Drug-Free Business Partnership business of the year award for their dedication to The Coalition and for supporting drug-free events.

Please post a comment thanking them for their service to our community.

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Drug-Free Businesses

What are ways that businesses can educate employees about a drug-free environment in the workplace? How can employers implement drug-free activities? Tell us how important you feel that it is to have drug-free workplace.

Drug-Free Business Partnership Luncheon

Friday, January 16th 

12 p.m.

TheLodge at 104 E. Shepherd Street

 Guest speakers are Congressman Jim McReynolds and Dr. Robert Choate

There will be great giveaways like a flash drive for all who attend, and awards sincluding the Drug-Free Business of the Year.

The luncheon is $18. To register or to find out how your business can adopt a drug policy and become a member of the Drug-Free Business Partnership, call The Coalition at (936)634-9308.


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Smoke-Free Restaurants/Parks

The Coalition is awarding restaurants in Lufkin that are going “smoke-free.” So far, El Chico and Cotton Patch have received awards with IHOP to receive one for the month of December. We are thrilled that these restaurants are providing a healthy environment for their patrons. If you know of a restaurant that should receive an award, please post here.

Pictured are representatives from the Drug Free Business Partnership and El Chico (left) and Cotton Patch (right) employees.

Please tell us what you think about these restaurants going smoke-free and if you think the zoo and our parks should be smoke free.

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Red Ribbon Week

How will you be celebrating Red Ribbon Week? Post creative ideas on how to celebrate a drug-free lifestyle.


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Debate on Legal Drinking Age

The Amethyst Initiative  seeks to revist the debate on the legal drinking age, and encourages lawmakers to lower it (to possibly 18 years old).

Please post a comment – I want to hear what you have to say.

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Family Day at the Zoo

Come out to the Ellen Trout Zoo for family fun at the 5th annual “Family Day… A Day to Eat Dinner with your Children” event scheduled for Saturday, September 6th from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Sponsored by The Coalition, KSWP/KAVX, Coca-Cola, City of Lufkin, Brookshire Brothers and the Friends of the Ellen Trout Zoo, Family Day is a national campaign used as a tool to remind parents to eat dinner nightly together as a family and to spend time with their children as a way to prevent substance abuse.

       Beginning at 10 a.m., zoo admission will be half off. The District All Stars and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council will be doing puppet shows. Two dollar hamburger baskets will be served from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. There will also be free face painting, zoo membership discounts and lots of family fun activities. For more information, contact The Coalition at (936)634-9308.

Make Every Day Family Day!

Make Every Day Family Day!

What are your family traditions? Do you eat dinner nightly with your family? What is your favorite family meal together? What are some of the topics you discuss? Tell us all about it.


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